Each staff member at Sheep’s had the opportunity to pick a uniquely dyed yarn from Kouigu’s “Travel with Kouigu” theme! Each week for the next 5 weeks we will be releasing a new custom-dyed yarn picked by each one of us here at Sheep’s!

Week #1- Ireland (picked by Tami)

A few years ago I had the unique opportunity to study abroad in Ireland. While I loved being immersed in the culture, fascinating history, and unique customs of Ireland, one of my favorite aspects was the beautiful countryside! Low-lying mountains, rolling hills, lush plains, stone castle ruins- and of course, plenty of sheep!!

One day on a walk, I came face to face with a lovely sheep! While most of the sheep in the meadows would stay clear and back way as I approached, one special guy wandered toward me and we quickly became friends!! Every morning on my walk he came to greet me and we always had a lovely morning chat. He will forever be one of my favorite memories of Ireland!

You can see him in the picture frame in this photo.