Dear Friends of Sheep’s,

I have been closely following COVID cases in our communities. Porter County is recording an average of approximately 25 new cases daily. Indiana is seeing over 1,000 new cases each day. I believe I have a moral obligation do my part to help protect the health and safety of my staff, customers, and the community-at-large. I will be temporarily closing Sheep’s Clothing beginning 8/1/2020 until there is an improvement in the health of our community. I hope that with the new mask mandate, we will begin to see a decrease in new COVID cases over the next 4-6 weeks. As you all know, this decision does not come lightly. I truly have the best interest of all of you in mind.

We will be doing curbside pick-up following strict distancing. We will place your items outside on a stool once you call to say you are parked. Alternatively, we will walk your items out to your car with our masks on, as long as you are wearing a mask also. We will not be offering in-store browsing or in-person help during this time. More details to follow.

I want to thank everyone in advance for your understanding during these challenging times. We all must do our part to help improve the health of our communities. I would rather look back and say I did too much, than look back and say I did too little.

Also, thank you to all for your continued loyalty and support of Sheep’s. I look forward to gathering around the tables once again!